We knowyou worldis different

That you need to get connected in your own way. You are where you are, and you do what you do. From the height of a mountain, or in the furthest tucked away corner of your city. Whether you are playing online with friends, or connecting alone to check your email, whether you have a lot to spend or a little.


Anywhere, any time, we are working to ensure you are connected with your world.


We live to connect people, to build bridges, to build stories - but real ones, not the ones from the story books.


PER-SO-NAL. Everything here revolves at your pace, because what matters to us is what you need, and not what anyone else may need.


You will not see us, but we will always be close by, always ready, and always attentive. We will not disturb you when you don't need us, because in your world, there is only room for what is important for you.


Bad days? We will have them together, because a bad day shared is not such a bad day, and you will stay connected with those who care most.


There is no small print, because we believe in having relationships based on trust, and there can be no trust in words you can't read.


Because the big ones are really big, and right here, the big one is you. We are small enough for you to matter to us, and big enough so that what matters to you matters to us.


We're going to surprise you. You will find us at airports, in public spaces, and in places where you would never expect to have a free or premium connection with your world.


We are Eurona, your connection to what really matters to you.


Your real connection for the real world

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