Telemedicine, synonym with quality of life in Africa

Telemedicine, synonym with quality of life in Africa

Telemedicine has become a vital tool for all those people who live in rural and remote areas, where the health resources are scarce or they or hundreds of kilometers away. So, if patients cannot visit health centers regularly, now the professionals will be able to connect via Internet with them.

And Eurona, committed to its policy of universalizing the Internet and boosting progress and development in Africa – a continent where it is already present, bringing the connection to schools in Morocco and Benin- is aware of this and has become a pioneer company in bringing medical services remotely by satellite technology in the region of la Oriental in Morocco.

To make this possible, Eurona has launched a technological platform that interconnects all the parties involved, from the hospital to the mobile unit that runs through the territory, passing through the cadre of medical professionals who, thanks to the information technologies applied to the field of health, they can already maintain a direct and visual communication path for the diagnosis of patients, determining the appropriate treatment or acting quickly in case of emergency.

In this way, the habitants of these areas can now be attended by medical specialists in such vital disciplines as cardiology, pneumology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology or dermatology or echography service.

For the medical professionals who are at the forefront of these consultations “this project, which for sure will be extended to other regions and other countries of the continent, is an immediate benefit for the population. As it directly contributes to improving their quality of life and is also a way to universalize medicine”.

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