Eurona connnects smalltowns and provides them with a real life and business alternative

Eurona connnects smalltowns and provides them with a real life and business alternative

Around 10% of the Spanish population has poor to no Internet connection, especially in rural and depopulated areas. Although this situation may seem unheard of in the 21st century it is the reality of thousands of Spaniards, who cannot casually video call their family, watch online movies or engage on social media.

The problem does not only affect private users. These ‘disconnected small towns' are also home to self-employed workers and businesses that cannot buy or sell their products online in a time when e-commerce is gaining popularity; whose bureaucratic processes get more complicated and which cannot even consider teleworking as they do not have access to the Internet.

However, Eurona’s satellite technology has arrived to change the situation. A high-speed Internet connection will ensure that these communities are no longer forgotten by big telecommunication companies. Its global nature and capacity to provide service everywhere, no matter how remote, guarantees every citizen's right to Internet access. It can also boost these areas' local economies, which are struggling with the consequences of depopulation.

Goyi lives in a small town in the province of Toledo that has Internet access through satellite broadband. She now combines her work as a teacher with book editing services to different publishing houses. "Not that long ago, I could not even consider working from home editing books, and it is what I do now. Today, Internet access is a need, not a convenience.", she said.

Eurona also provides service at Florin's smalltown, in La Mancha. Florin, who is the manager of a scrapyard, stated: "There is no business without Internet access. Trading, transport management, surveillance, even the in-and-out car register; everything is now connected to the internet.”

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