Eurona, a key to progress in Africa

Eurona, a key to progress in Africa

The Moroccan Government is aware of the significance of being able to access the Internet at school and, therefore, has decided to approach the circumstance in an innovative way. By making use of Eurona's satellite broadband, more than half a million kids and teachers have access to digital education in Morocco. An approach that Benin - a country of 10.5 million inhabitants - has decided to take as well, as plenty of schools can already access the Internet too.

Nevertheless, Eurona has faced its largest public project and committed to the region's development by connecting schools to the Internet. The Internet is like an open book: a tool to train and to inform the general public and, ultimately, to improve education's quality, which is key to progress and development in countries in North Africa. Under these conditions, Eurona has connected almost 5,000 Moroccan schools in rural areas by satellite, and 300 in Benin. Additionally, the company has recently opened a new office in Senegal, aiming to improve the quality of life of a country with a population of over 15,5 million people.

Furthermore, to shorten the social gap within connected and non-connected citizens in a world where connectivity is a vital tool for education and economic development, Eurona - which is the only company with a VSAT license in Morocco - offers satellite communication global solutions to homes, businesses, security departments and public administrations - with a remarkable focus on rural areas or facing communication infrastructure shortage.

Attending class on the first day of school after establishing the Internet connection feels very special. "Now we will learn how to use the computer and look for all the information we want. We will even be capable of learning English and watching online movies," said the excited and grateful students.

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