The new 2018-2022 Business Plan examines different strategic schemes to optimize structural costs and restructure the Group's functioning with the goal of achieving sustainable and profitable growth. To accomplish the objectives it was necessary to make changes in the financial liability and to provide the Group with new funding.

The Business Plan has been reviewed by two independent, prestigious companies. The following are its main strategic guidelines:

  • Generate operating cash flows in the medium term as well as achieving sustainable profitability.
  • Capitalize the spare capacity, both in Fixed Wireless and in Satellite, investing up to the annual 24% on customer acquisition and on reducing unsubscriptions.
  • Optimize structural costs and restructure the Group's functioning with a stronger focus on customers and profitability.
  • Leverage the international business growth, especially in Morocco and other emerging markets, with satellite technology and exploring satellite/wifi synergies.
  • This Business Plan will take Eurona’s EBIDTA from 3.8 million Euros to 20 million in 2022.

International Satellite

Available satellite capacity will be used to extend satellite-based Internet services especially in Morocco and other African countries, among further emerging markets. Africa has markets with enormous potential for growth.

Satellite's principal strategic objectives are business strengthening in Morocco - mostly B2B and Public Administrations services, engaging in major projects with African and Latin-American Governments, using the already existing infrastructure to grow in Europe and boosting projects involving satellite and hotspot technologies.


Improve hotspot services at hub airports in emerging markets and in Caribbean resorts.

B2C and B2B boost

The marketing budget for B2C in Spain will be increased to enhance the brand and increase sales. More configurable products will be available, mobile services will further customer retention. In the B2B area satellite internet services will be strengthened in the maritime sector, and wholesale satellite capacity business will also be expanded


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