Canary Islands offers free Wi-Fi to its tourists to know them better

The Canary Islands want to know their visitors better and, for this, they will use the Eurona WiFi in the airports of the different Islands. The technological operator and Promotur Turismo de Canarias will allow tourists who travel to the Canary Islands to enjoy free high-speed WiFi during their waits at airports ... and also for a free vacation. Specifically, travelers who fill out a previous form before accessing the network from any of the airports can browse with next-generation WiFi and also participate in the draw for a free vacation on the Canary Island they prefer.

With this initiative, which will be in operation until February 27, the island's airports want to know more about their tourists, with the idea of ​​offering them a unique and complete travel experience and, that way, they want to return. A work that has its continuity in hotels, restaurants, bars or fairs, and through which the preferences and tastes of travelers are known to adapt the tourist offer to their personal characteristics and, at the same time, facilitate direct communication with tourists .

Big data will be the tool that both Eurona and Turismo de Canarias will use to carry out this task, joining forces in an area that is revolutionizing all sectors, both business, economic and financial, and of course , the tourist. The forms through which travelers access the Internet are provided by the technology through its free WiFi monetization platform through Internet connections sponsored and designed according to the type of user. For its part, Turismo de Canarias manages this information through the CRM of the Canary Islands, a tool that captures the data, analyzes them and draws conclusions from them to offer tourists personalized attention.

With this agreement, Eurona reinforces its role as technological partner of the airport sector, where travelers do not conceive waiting periods while their flights depart or collect their bags without being able to access the Internet. The tourist 3.0 needs to be connected 24 hours a day anywhere, hence the need to extend these services to all types of tourist infrastructure. These types of services are also offered outside our borders. The most recent example is the Tocumen International Airport, where just a few weeks ago it took over the concession to manage the Wi-Fi network for the next five years. A collaboration agreement that also includes services for the management of the airport App and augmented reality and geolocation services.

In this way, Eurona takes another step forward in its position as a reference operator in the tourism sector, where it not only connects tourists to airports, but also to its hotels. Especially in those of the Caribbean region, where it is present in Mexico, Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic and has more than 15,000 rooms connected.

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