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Who are we

Eurona was born out of a fusion of two companies, all noteworthy for their uniqueness in the telecommunications sector.

  • We provide Internet in rural and urban areas through the WiMax, LTE or Satellite technologies.

  • An operator managing multiple connections in closed, temporary or transitory spaces.


Products and Services

We can offer you a wide range of products, adapted to you connection needs. If you need further information, call us on 900 844 009.


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Arranca el Wi-Fi gratuito de Eurona en 12 aeropuertos españoles

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. El servicio se extenderá hasta cubrir los 46 aeropuertos y 2 helipuertos de la red de AENA Arranca…

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Eurona se adjudica el Wi-Fi gratuito de los aeropuertos de la red de Aena

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. El operador ofrecerá servicios de Internet a los 46 aeropuertos y 2 helipuertos gestionados por Aena En 2015…

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Acuerdo sobre el precio de la ampliación

De conformidad con lo previsto en la circular 9/2010 del Mercado Alternativo Bursátil por medio de la presente ponemos a disposición del mercado la siguiente información…

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Eurona is in a period of constant expansion. We are constantly looking for new distributors, franchises, partners and workers. If you would like to form part of Eurona and contribute to its growth contact us.